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Really having trouble choosing between Florida Tech and Florida Southern College

FSC Pros

  1. Small private school.
  2. Small classrooms.
  3. #1 campus in the nation.
  4. Small but nice gym.
  5. Everyone is friendly, including the teachers.
  6. Costs about $38,000 a year.

 FSC Cons

  1. Not well known.
  2. Liberal arts school.


FIT Pros

  1. Private school.
  2. Technology school.
  3. Dorms looked good (one living room and kitchen attached to four separate rooms).
  4. Great career options after college.
  5. Get a master’s degree in 5 years instead of 6.

FIT Cons

  1. Huge
  2. Business feel (not homey).
  3. About $50,000 a year.

HOW TO I DECIDE GUYS?! I’m really focusing on the education but..?

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  1. theprincesskelley reblogged this from mrfluffeh and added:
    FIT has great career opportunities after you graduate and it’s an amazing school. Also, you can save a bit if you go...
  2. baconeatingvelociraptor answered: if you want to do computer programming you should go with FIT.
  3. sandspurs answered: FSC has new dorms for freshman guys, gym has awesome classes, close ties with big companies with HQ in lakeland
  4. brandnewk answered: "Oh yeah, I actually went to _______ !" Which one would you be proud to share with people?
  5. spookyoz answered: As long as the program for your major is great you’re all set. Scholarships too.
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